Sunday, September 27, 2015

Answered prayer!

God is good! We have temporary approval from ACCHS for Anya's medical insurance through the state. We have to "provide additional proof of citizenship" by the end of the year. As if a U.S. birth certificate isn't enough! I guess they didn't want to go to court, and God has made a way. Hoping I have her card and number before I have to refill her prescription this month. It could have been a lengthy battle, but "His mercy endures forever!"

We've had a good weekend. Worked hard at the Faith Christian Academy rummage sale starting at 6 am on Saturday(and ALL the kids got up and came with us)! It was great to see them learning to serve and be part of the community. Today we were blessed with worship and fellowship at Enchanted Hilłs Baptist Church. And tonight is the parents' favorite night of the week - AWANA NIGHT! For all four kids ;) 

Please pray for Gabe this week as he is traveling back to Kent, WA, for a few days to testify at a classmate's court hearing. Pray he has clarity of speech and is able to minister to his friend and his family. It is such a joy to see how God is still using him in the lives of his classmates. And pray for me to be loving and patient with the kids....seriously, I need the Holy Spirit for that. Not because they are bad kids, but because I tend to fly off the handle too easily. Again,  "His mercy endures forever!"

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