Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Missions Dinner

We are having a great time this week with Grandma Koopman (Bonnie's mom) visiting! She's a Seattle native so yesterday we checked out Pike Place Market as well as her old neighborhood on Lake Washington...what a cool house she grew up in and neat to hear her stories.

Sunday night she joined us for our church's Missions Dinner to raise support for our missionaries, and a great time was had by all. They creatively had both a silent auction with lots of donated items and a LIVE auction for things like babysitters, laborers, timeshares, and Gabe donated a FLIGHT in this lovely plane he's working on! Let's hope the lucky winners enjoy it!

We're so blessed to have been led to a church with an increasing focus on missions, both long and short-term. In fact, our friends the Joshuas are stepping out in faith and taking their whole family to Belize for the summer to support a church planted there. You can read more about it on their blog. So excited to see how the Lord uses them and praying for them to have peace and safety on the journey!

And a bit envious....our time will come :-)


  1. So enjoy reading your post. The plane is looking good. Does Gabe have his CFI?? Darren would LOVE to go flying with him. What church are you guys attending, so thankful how God leads those willing to follow. Love you guys.

    1. No, Ray, Gabe doesn't have a CFI. First priority for the school is to get the school's primary instructor his CFI rating, but that requires getting a particular plane up and flying (not the one pictured), so he can take his checkride in it. Gabe's not sure if he's going to work toward a CFI or not - that will depend on God's lead. Darren can fly with Gabe any time he's willing to split the cost of gas and rent on a -172 at Pierce County Airport. That's how it works until Gabe has his commercial rating in a single-engine airplane (he just has it in helicopters and multi-engine airplanes). After that, he can charge for the whole tank of gas :-)

      We are attending South Hill Calvary Chapel in Puyallup. It's a great little Word-based fellowship. http://www.southhillcalvary.org. Love you, too!