Friday, March 30, 2012


Hebrew - Fortunate, Happy, Blessed

Asher Nathan Ledford was born at 1:00am on March 30th, 2012. He weighed 7lbs 0oz and was 19in long, despite being 11 days past his "due" date.

Those are the facts.

This is his story.

In the Spring of 2011, Bonnie and Gabe were facing life-changing events. We were considering whether God was calling us out of career and comfort, into a life of sacrifice and service. As we prayed over this call, we considered another change that had been running through our minds for several years. Should we have a third child?

We decided to let God decide that. In several books of the Bible, we see that God opens and closes the womb in His own timing and for His purposes. We posed the question to God, and stopped birth control.

Bonnie was pregnant so quickly, she actually believed she had a bladder infection as Asher was implanting in the uterine wall. She felt ill, and had some pain, but it didn't even occur to us that she was already pregnant. God is so good, and the measures she took to cure the "infection" had no effect on embryonic Asher. God has a plan for his life.

Prior to being pregnant, Bonnie had been battling an extremely painful condition called "Eosinophilic Esophagitis," which I think is best described as canker sores on her esophagus. Very little is known about this condition, least of all a cure. Once she became pregnant, the medicines Bonnie was taking to control the pain and possibly cure the condition were in question. Again, God is good. We ran out of one prescription, had no health care coverage for the "good stuff," and still found something that worked, while not harmful to Asher. We continue to cry out to God for healing, believing that He is certainly capable, but weakly wondering if He's willing.

There were all the rollercoaster emotions of pregnancy, yet through it all, we knew we were leaning on God's grace, and operating within His will, so we had peace.

When Bonnie's "due" date rolled around, there was no indication from Asher that he intended to leave the womb. We think a 40-week gestation period is unnecessarily arbitrary, and even the 41-week induction rule is needlessly interfering. However, arbitrary or not, it's hard to ignore the day on your calendar that's been outlined in red for 9 months. Time suddenly slowed, and I think about 3 years passed while we waited...but, God is good, and we trust Him.

Bonnie riding out a contraction like a champ, 10:42pm

(Those with weaker constitutions are dismissed. Go have some popcorn, your wife can tell you the story and spare the details. Also, the verb tense gets twitchy below, so backseat blog editors are also dismissed ;-))

Ten days overdue, and Asher began to worry our midwife. She would need to begin initiating Operation Eviction if he loafed around any longer. While we questioned "are we still trusting God if we induce today," Bonnie took her midwife's advice and swallowed some castor oil (you know, the stuff that WWI aircraft used in their radial engines), but not until the kids were in bed, the babysitters were on their way, and the car was warmed up. Yeah, we used this stuff before...

Castor oil at 7:30pm, out of the house at 8:15. By 9:30, Bonnie was in mild labor, and her body wasn't showing the typical signs of getting ready for birth: 2cm dilated, cervix aft. To our midwife, this meant we would be there a while. We knew better. 10:00pm, 5.5cm, real labor begins (contractions at this point were effective, but not too intense). we go. Bonnie gets verbal, and wants to labor in the tub. Bonnie's verbosity is a signal to Gabe to get ready, because he knows his girl.

At this point, the midwife was in the other room, working on her computer. She was listening to Bonnie, but not knowing her previous labors, was still expecting to have to break her water and labor a few hours more.

At 12:50am, we get the midwife's attention. She is concerned about delivering [a large, overdue chubby child] in the tub, so Bonnie is half-dragged to the bed, where she labors for one more contraction on her hands and knees. The midwife requests that she lie on her back so she can be "checked." Bonnie refuses (another signal to Gabe), so Gabe does his own checking. There's Asher's head. One more push, and there's Asher. Done. Instant relief. No issues. And Gabe got to catch.

1:00am. Tadaa!

We were home again by 4am. It was surreal, almost like we had gone shopping for a new pet. Okay, one of us worked really really hard for that pet, and it was the middle of the night, so kind of a weird time to go pet shopping, but you get the picture.
What a trooper!

God is good.


  1. i really enjoy reading your blogs and this one was so exciting. awesome writing. the whole "home by 4am" thing--i was imagining Asher's big sister and brother's reaction when they woke up. you two are awesome. May God continue to bless your family. lots of love from julie & diane.

  2. Woo-hoo! Welcome to the world, Asher! Can't wait to meet you, little man.

    And way to go, Bonnie and Gabe!

  3. Very happy for you guys, not sure the world can take another "Gabe" Junior but I know God has great things in store for your entire family.

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! So happy for you all. What a gorgeous little blessing he is! Wish i could hold him! :) Love, Holly

  5. Great story...congrats you guys! I hope everything is settling in to the new normal well. Wish we could give the handsome fellow a squeeze in person.

  6. Congratulations! He's beautiful - as is his story! Praying for a smooth and restful recovery for you, Bonnie!