Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hey folks, sorry it's been so long since we updated on here. I guess I keep thinking we need something earth-shattering or profound to say and then the moment passes and I haven't recorded it in cyberspace. But when I reflect back on just our "ordinary life" over the last 5 months, there has been an awful lot of work done in our souls in both the earth shattering and mundane moments.

That said, life is good for the Ledford family these days. We started out the year with a short getaway to Victoria, B.C. Canada which was a lot of fun, just to get away and see another city, another country, ride a ferry and spend time together. We will definitely try to get back there again while in WA; maybe next time in the summer; maybe even by floatplane? Wouldn't that be cool?

We then returned home and got to experience a major snowstorm for western WA that knocked out power for up to a week in some places, 2 nights for us. The kids had a blast playing in the snow and got some "snow days" off homeschool since all their friends in the neighborhood were out too. It certainly made us reflect on how dependent we are on modern conveniences that we may well have to adapt without in the mission field! Basic camping knowledge came in very handy :-)

These days we stay busy with the "ordinary"....homeschool mornings which have been additionally blessed by a meetup group of other homeschool moms who get together for everything from roller skating to science classes. The kids and I both have enjoyed getting out more and might have trouble staying focused! Or maybe that doesn't matter as much as I once thought anyway...

Gabe continues to see God's hand at work at Trinity as He provides building materials, labor, a donated manufactured home for one of the families serving here to live in, everything in His time. We are both discovering the joy of being involved in work of God in its beginning stages and seeing it take shape and how faithful He is when in our human estimation there is little hope on the horizon. But how limited our view! And how inifinite is His.

As we continue to move forward step by step in faith, just staying on where the path is illuminated in front of us, we are finding incredible peace in letting Him guide us rather than trying to make our own 5 or 10 year plan. That said, we also are starting to have glimpses of a vision of the next step, and it still seems to be a foreign mission field somewhere; so we continue to pray and look forward with excitement as that is revealed.

But first the revealing of this new little Ledford guy in the next 6 weeks! We are all getting excited to meet him and wondering when Mom will exceed her max capacity for Baby House. Any wagers on date of arrival? He's "due" March 19 and the last two have been a week over....

Be Blessed.