Monday, December 19, 2011


Dear Friends and Family,

What in the world have we done? This Christmas finds us, by choice, without income, living in an unfamiliar town, down to one car, enduring a cheap apartment, and pregnant – yes, pregnant. We’ve gone from 360 sunny days a year in Tucson to the cold, wet Pacific Northwest, where we’ve seen the sun...some days. Are we crazy?


Welcome to the Ledford lunacy. There is no logical explanation for our recent activity, and no logical reason for the joy that accompanies it other than this: there is peace, and joy, in obedience to the Messiah, whose birth we celebrate this season. We’ve become Jesus Freaks.

Mind you, the transformation is slow. We should say that we’re “becoming” Jesus Freaks. Offloading our previous life, with it’s pleasures and comfort, to follow a calling to attend a missionary aviation school, was only the first mind-boggling step. Oh, what a terrifying thing it was! And painful. Yet, we trust God, and He showed Himself awesome, of course.

It is no lie to state that we don’t have a clue where this is leading us, but we’ve come to this conclusion: God so wanted everyone everywhere to be free to love Him, and spend the rest of eternity with Him, that He was happy to send Jesus to us as payment for our misdeeds, in order to re-establish our relationship with our creator. We are happy to have a part in telling people everywhere about that kind of Love.

Gabe is attending a fledgling missionary aviation school here in Eatonville, WA, with the hope of testing for his FAA Airframe and Powerplant licenses in a couple of years. Bonnie is homeschooling Sam and Ciara, and doing a darn good job of it. She’s also about 7 months pregnant this Christmas. It’s a boy. Sam and Ciara are in AWANA at a local church, and Bonnie and Gabe are getting involved at a church 45 minutes to the north. Gabe rides his bike to school almost every morning (uphill both ways, of course), while Bonnie drags Sam through Saxon math and tries to keep pace with Ciara’s appetite for reading.

Every adventure has highs and lows. We’ve chronicled some of ours on this blog, "Treasure in Earthen Vessels". The title refers to a verse in the Bible, and means that we are simply clay pots, and anything wonderful that comes out of this will be due to God’s power and glory.

So, we hope you will follow along as we take every new step, and we pray you’re blessed through the telling.

May you have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Rescuer.

Gabe, Bonnie, Sam and Ciara Ledford.


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