Friday, September 9, 2011

The Move

The Move
If there was only one thing we could take away from this experience so far, it would be "Trust God." He knew we needed to learn that first, especially considering the hardships that are yet to come, so in lesson after lesson, we were reminded to simply put our trust in him.

We held our first moving sale early in August. We asked God to help rid us of the weeds in our life: those things that distract us from loving and following Jesus. I know Tucson is one of the best places to hold a yard sale, but even given that, the amount of our excess that moved that day was amazing. Very little was left over, and our neighbors remarked that they had never seen as many cars in our neghborhood as showed up that day.

We continued to reduce our load, anticipating a second yard sale, and realizing that it wasn't all going to fit in a 16-foot storage container. On one particular afternoon, when Gabe was feeling discouraged and prayed for some confirmation, he sold 4 items on Craigslist within the next hour...items that hadn't had interest in weeks.

Gabe also put his car up for sale, pricing it just at Bluebook, neither high nor low, as a question to God: is this something you want us to sacrifice? It was a question very closely related to
Cowanother: where are we going to live? If we sell the car, we will probably need to live close enough for Gabe to ride a bike to the airport.

The car sold, but there was even a lesson to be learned in that. The titling of the car had slipped through the cracks while Gabe was in Afghanistan, and on the day he was to make the deal, he couldn't find it. Panic! But, wait, we can just get a new one from the MVD. The trip was made, the MVD searched, but no title. It was still titled in Wyoming! Panic! Call Wyoming, find out that a duplicated title would need the bank's release of lien...3 days in the mail to receive, 3 more to send to WY...and then an 11-day waiting period...another 3-4 days in the mail...Panic! God must be saying "no." Text from Bonnie to Gabe: "I love you. Persevere." Those were the words God gave her, so Gabe persevered. 20 minutes later, in a file box with some other odds and ends he'd never seen before, Gabe suddenly found an unmarked envelope containing the Wyoming title, sent while he was still deployed. The next day, the car was gone.

Then the POD came.

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  1. This is such a great blog guys! How did I miss out until now? So glad I finally made my way here. :) The beauty of two lives tuning into God's voice so acutely and yeilding to His will so willingly is amazing. The beauty of the work God is doing within the two of you is even more amazing. I am moved to tears reading your posts and I am on the edge of my seat to see the next chapter the Lord will unfold. Love you guys! Enjoy your new home. love, Holly