Friday, September 9, 2011

The Move, Part 2

The Move 2 The POD.

This gadget is particularly interesting to people who like gadgets. The POD delivery system is a wonder of hydraulics, chains, levers, lifts, and motorized wheels. It deftly deposited a 16-ft storage container in our 20-ft driveway, and then the panic began. There was NO WAY POSSIBLE to
PODload everything that remained in that and a small U-Haul trailer. Alternatives were discussed, but none were appealing. Bonnie's pregnant, and doesn't feel up to driving by herself if Gabe rents a truck, and there's not enough room in a truck for everybody if we tow the car. What to do?

Trust God.

We prayed simply that he would bend the "laws" of physics and make everything just fit. And to prune from us what would not. In the end, there was nothing discarded that would be missed.

And then there were the helpers. God sent some incredible people to help us. They did it because they love God, and because they wanted to show their love for us. They packed boxes, loaded POD and trailers, cleaned our house, worked on our irrigation system, hauled rocks, dumped garbage, donated our excess, lent us their vehicles, prayed with us, housed us, fed us, blessed us, and showed us incredible love. They were truly the body of Christ.

Moving Guys

The Moving Guys

Throughout the last month, the spiritual war has been raging. It got more intense the closer we got to the trip. Bonnie was the usual target, and more vulnerable because of her pregnancy, but even Gabe broke down under the strain as we drove away. It was like a cloud of depression suddenly settled over him, and he was unable to see the light.  Tears of sorrow streamed down his face (making it difficult to drive) as he confessed that while he could believe that God loved him, he didn't feel like God had ever particularly liked him.

As if to dissuade even this doubt, God smoothed out almost every external bump in the trip. He gave us a second day of rest on the Oregon Coast. He helped us get to every destination on time, allowed us no mechanical breakdowns, kept us safe on mountain roads and in crazy traffic (with an overloaded u-haul trailer!), and delivered us to
Trinity Aviation Academy, the formal name for a few folks called by God to produce missionary pilot/mechanics.

And so, we have arrived. We would almost equate the last month to labor pains, but that would imply the pain was now over. Instead, we anticipate the enemy's increased efforts to make us ineffective and mediocre. The only defense we have is the armor of God and your prayers. There is nothing else you can give us that is more important and effective. Thank you.

OR Coast Bonnie
& Kids

Gabe and Bonnie, September 8, 2011


  1. So happy that you have made it safely! We pray for you daily and know that God is going to use you for His glory and honor. We love you and hope to see you sometime during the last week of December, God willing.

  2. So glad you made it safely and have been unburdened by so much "stuff." I know how hard it is, and while I anticipate our move in the coming months, I know just how crazy it's going to be. Keep trusting God - I love you! :)

  3. Gabe and Bonnie, I'll never forget the day you both stood before me as the minister and how God joined you two individuals into "one flesh". God has taken you on a journey over the years and at times the roads haven't always been paved,but rough and rocky, but GOD IS FAITHFUL, and your journey is not complete.

    After reading this post, seeing your struggles, your faith, your perseverance, your story has inspired this pastor to also persevere because the journey lies before us. I am so blessed to call you both friends, but more than that, FAMILY! Our prayers are continually with you and I look so forward to hearing how God provides along each step of your journey. We LOVE YOU!